For those of us who lack the self discipline or the equipment to work out on our own (which is most of us), a personal trainer is indispensable. I did not realize this, though, 'till I joined Bronco's Gym two years ago.

Until then, I was intimidated at the thought, but the trainers at Bronco’s instantly put me at ease. That it’s only a personal training gym, so that there are rarely more than three clients at a time, made me feel more comfortable than at a regular gym, where I feared being watched and judged.

The attention of a personal trainer means not only that I’m exercising with correct form, but that I’m being pushed to increase my workout intensity beyond what I would do alone. The results are showing- not just in the fit of my clothes, but my increased energy and confidence.
Thank you Bronco's!

--Maggie Symington


I know that regular, sustained excercise is good for me. I know that it strengthens bones, increases metabolism, maintains flexibility, provides sound sleep and sharpens mental acuity. But these myriad and substantial benefits alone are not enough to insure that I excercise regularly or sufficiently. I would much prefer to sit in a recliner, read the world's literature and consume large quantities of salt and pepper pita chips. Overcoming this kind of intertia requires that I play a trick on myself.

The trick that works best for me is to pay, in advance, for the service of a personal trainer and commit myself financially to exercise four times a week. This trick has worked well for me over the past 14 years, primarily because I have had the luck of the Irish: I found a personal trainer worth paying for and committing to- at Bronco’s Gym.

My trainer, Charlene, has the rare ability to push without shoving, encourage without condescending, and create an infinite number of workout routines using only rudimentary weights and machines. The gym itself is rather unglamourous, and that gives it some strange chic. It also relieves you of the egocentric pressure of wondering how you look.

My trick is to pay for this training in advance and then just show up: Charlene’s trick is to make it interesting, fun and worthwhile. This is the philosophy of Bronco’s gym and it works. It works really well. At age fifty-five I really do look better than I did at thirty-five: older, but
better. I am fit, strong, youthful and sharp. I believe that even my sense of humor has improved. I can’t imagine my life without Bronco’s. Where would I go? What would I do? I have no more tricks up my sleeve.

But I am sure Charlene does.

--Kathleen T. Ruddy, M.D


Karen Romwebber

Bronco's Gym was the most important piece of the puzzle that finally made my weight loss journey successful. After having my third child in four years, my weight was at an all time high. Over the years I had tried almost every different diet and had exercised in spurts. I lacked consistency and that made my weight yo-yo, which was extremely discouraging. Over the past year, Bronco's Gym has provided the consistency I needed to finally meet my goals.

By committing and paying for weekly sessions with Anwar, my trainer, it forced me to put the other pieces together by eating well and exercising on my own. To me it seemed silly to work out really hard with Anwar then not eat well and not exercise the rest of the week. That was both a waste of time and money so it forced me to be disciplined. Week after week (for over a year now) I have been going to my trainer appointments. If I have "fallen off the wagon" for a couple of days, I know that Thursday I will be back at Bronco's so it keeps me in line.

I have benefited from Bronco's so much more than the time I spend at my weekly appointment. Anwar put together a weight lifting plan for me to do at home. Michael Bronco educated me on eating in a totally different way than all the traditional diets I was familiar with over the years. With their guidance, support and knowledge, I have a healthy exercise and eating lifestyle that is completely sustainable long term and doesn't feel at all like I am on a "diet."

I have dropped four dress sizes since starting with Broncos. Originally I was hesitant to sign up for the initial ten sessions - now I feel I will be going for years to come.

--Karen Romwebber