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Michael Bronco approaches fitness the way a fine chef prepares a menu – with an emphasis on organic, natural ingredients prepared with a personal touch. Forget about mass-market franchises – in Michael’s view, an anonymous gym with row-upon-row of digitally programmed machines has no more a place in a healthy lifestyle than a diet of burgers and fries produced under heat lamps.

Michael knows first-hand what it takes to achieve top form. After attending Marine Corps Officer Candidate School, Michael studied fitness, exercise and sports science at Kean University and at Colorado State. He then turned pro, excelling as a triathlete. Four times Michael was an Ironman competitor in Hawaii, and twice at Lake Placid. He’s a two-time New Jersey State Triathlon Champion, and was a member of the 1990 United States Duathlon Team. He continues to compete as a top amateur.

In those early days, Michael was working out in small gyms that catered to professional athletes. He saw that the best pros didn’t rely on bells and whistles to reach their goals – they concentrated on performance, motivation, focus and commitment. He found that simple things like getting off the treadmill and actually running laps helped the body by elevating the spirit. You may think of it as “old fashioned”, but it really adds up to a holistic approach to fitness.

Michael was a pioneer in taking his brand of one-on-one training out into the world. What was once limited to elite professional athletes, Michael helped introduce to a broader clientele. For twenty years Michael has been training not only top athletes – we’re talking Olympians, N.F.L. players, pro golfers and more – but top business professionals, too. Men and women who have as strong a commitment to their own physical well-being as they do to the well-being of their companies thrive under Michael Bronco’s guidance.

But you don’t have to be a Type-A personality to work with Michael – he also works with high school and college teams, police departments, and every sort of individual – even those turning their attention to fitness for the very first time. He’s particularly proud that three fund-raising benefits he created for the American Heart Association were sell-out successes. Thinking of ways like this to give back to his community is never far from Michael’s mind.

Of course, proper physical training involves more than just being pointed at a set of weights and counting reps. Good communication is as important as an understanding of anatomy. As an author of fitness and training articles for such publications as Men’s Exercise, Exercise for Men Only, and The Parrillo Performance Press, Michael Bronco knows how to engage your mind in the tasks at hand, too. Your body will be getting stronger – but how you think about your health and your fitness will be developing as well.

Like fine cooking, training is an art – and Michael Bronco is an artist. (He’s also pretty talented in the kitchen – but for that part of the story, you’ll have to ask his wife, Holly, and their three kids.)

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