Whether you’re a competing athlete, a thoroughbred horse, or a houseful of kids, believe me, you don’t want to go up against Holly Bronco. She’s the sort who takes on all challenges – and prevails. Now, if you happen to be one of her clients, and the challenge is your fitness, well, so much the better for you.

While so many of us may struggle with issues of confidence, motivation, and drive, Holly seems to have them mastered. Imagine a 15-year-old girl at a barn in New Jersey who loves riding horses, but finds she just doesn’t have the physical strength to control her mounts. What does she do? Turn to smaller ponies? Find another pastime? Not Holly! She undertakes a program of weight training to develop the muscles she needs to take control. As it turns out, she also discovered a life-long passion for fitness. Along the way she has excelled as a winning competitor in equestrian events and the triathlon, is an avid runner, a mountain bike rider, and has taken up surfing lately, too.

After a stint as a professional model, and studying Psychology in college, Holly knew her true calling was in fitness. It was a happy coincidence, then, that she met Michael Bronco as she entered into this stage of her life. You could say they were made for each other. Both believe in a balanced lifestyle, where fitness and nutrition are integrated into how you live your days and raise your family. Together, they make their ideal a reality.

Before they married, Holly apprenticed with Michael and became a personal trainer at his gym. It’s an indication of her nurturing spirit that Holly’s work with her clients wouldn’t be limited to their exercise routines. It was important for them to eat right, too, so Holly found herself adding the title “Personal Chef” to her resume. Celebrities and international dignitaries have counted themselves among Holly’s clients – including the Minister of Health to Oman, and the Chief Physician of the Chinese Olympic Committee. Learn the secrets of Holly's healthy menus in her new cookbook!

But the ones who benefit the most from Holly’s nurturing and talent are her family – Michael and their three kids, Jessy, Kasey, and Michael Elijah. They are living examples of what a balanced lifestyle looks like.

Holly's Simple Kitchen by Holly Bronco

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"Holly's Simple Kitchen" by Holly Bronco

A simple guide to help you unclutter your kitchen and your life! This book is paperback with 89 pages.