Sharing the Pro's Secrets With the Public

Michael knows first-hand what it takes to achieve top form. After attending Marine Corps Officer Candidate School, Michael studied fitness, excercise and sports science at Kean University and at Colorado State. He then turned pro, excelling as a triathlete. Four times Michael was an Ironman competitor in Hawaii, and twice in Lake Placid. He's a two-time New Jersey State Triathlon Champion, and was a member of the 1990 Team U.S.A. for Duathlon. He continues to compete as a top amateur.

In those early days, Michael was working out in small gyms that catered to professional athletes. He saw that the best pros didn't rely on bells and whistles to reach their goals - they concentrated on performance, motivation, focus and commitment. Bronco's Gym harkens back to that natural, simple approach.

Michael was a pioneer in taking this brand of one-on-one training out into the world. He created and directed the personal training programs at three large health clubs, eventually coming to the conclusion that he could be more effective in a smaller, more intimate setting. His first studio, at a comfortable 900 square feet, allowed him to eliminate the distractions and exaggerated costs associated with a large facility. Now, with two locations, Bronco's Gym fulfills Michael's vision of a place to work out that prefers ambiance over frills and stresses effectiveness over attitude.

Proper focus and intensity is the key to an effective workout.