Dawn Silva has been one of Bronco’s Gym’s most patient and consistent trainers for nearly a decade.

Dawn was born in New York City in 1961. She grew to be a very shy girl who was both active and a natural athlete.

Her mother enrolled her in dancing school to help overcome some of her shyness. After ten years of practice and hard work, she found herself performing in front of large audiences. Her mother’s plan had worked!

After a few years of working in a law office, Dawn craved activity. She came to Bronco’s to get back into the shape that she had always enjoyed.

Following a short leave to have her daughter, Dawn returned once again to Bronco’s.

Michael was impressed with her consistency and dedication, and approached her about working part-time. Dawn jumped at the opportunity to do something that she loved.
For the next year she worked side by side with Charlene and took classes at Morris County College, gaining the knowledge and confidence to begin helping others.

In the tradition of Bronco’s trainers before her, Dawn agreed to accept a personal challenge. The challenge (and perhaps the most difficult step) was entering a Fitness Physique Contest. Charlene worked with her in the gym, teaching her the tricks that helped her to win her own competition.

Thanks to her Mom, who put her on a stage so many years earlier, and Charlene’s helpful guidance, Dawn won her first contest and received a modeling contract as the First Prize!

Today, Dawn is “thrilled to be such an important part of the Bronco’s Gym family, and look(s) forward to helping people reach their fitness goals for a long time to come.”