Help Kids Develop a Love for Fitness!

Our philosophy about working with kids is short and sweet:


We focus on the fundamentals of weight training and encourage healthy eating habits without discussing weight loss or performance.

Many of the youth sports and fitness programs today that emphasize speed and agility protocols place unnecessary stress on kids to compete and win, rather than on enjoying the sport. We have had dozens of kids in our youth training program who have gone off to college to break strength and running records after their time with us --- WITHOUT THE USE OF STOP WATCHES OR MAX WEIGHTLIFTING TESTS!

Studies show that most kids lose interest in sports and fitness and don’t participate beyond the 11th grade - AT BRONCO'S WE ARE DOING OUR PART TO CHANGE THAT! Through our youth training program, and now with an online newsletter just for kids, they can receive up-to-date articles, nutrition ideas, and kid-friendly recipes from some of the most talented coaches and trainers in the business! If you would like to receive our Bronco KIDS newsletter, just drop us a line with your email address or enter it below.

Very Important: We will NEVER - and we mean NEVER - give your email address to anyone. This would go against the very core of what we believe in.

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